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AAG Poster April 2015

These are the projects that we are currently pursuing

Last NameFirst NameResearch GoalDatasetsTemporal extentAnalysis Tools and Methods
ComstockIanDefining tropical cyclone rain events along the U.S. coast and the timing of their onsetStage IV Multisensor Precipitation, Extended Best Track, SHIPS, NHC Warnings and Advisories2002-PresentR, Regression, Resampling Methods
DesRosiersAlexNWS flood warnings and TC t racksNWS warning polygons, TC tracks, rainfall datasets1998-2014GIS, nonparametric statistics
KimSanghoonExamine moisture patterns around TCs at landfall and compare to rain ratesNARR precipitable water, TRMM 3B421998-2012GIS
MatyasCoreneExamine raining areas of tropical cyclones that landfall over MexicoTRMM 3B421998-2014GIS, nonparametric statistics
MatyasCoreneMeasuring the degree of closure of tropical cyclone outer rainbands and inner coreLevel II radar1997-2012GIS
Matyas, Zick, TangCorene, Stephanie, JingyinUse shape metrics to compare radar data for Hurricane Isabel (2003) observed vs. model simulationsWSR-88D, Tang's RadarComposite algorithms, WRF 3.6.12 WRF cumulus parameterizations and 3 microphysics parameterizations, shape metrics including closure, dispersiveness, fragmentation, solidity, convexity
TangJingyinConstruct three-dimensional structure of hurricane rainbands and decribe their evolvementsLevel II1996-2005develop own scripts
TangJingyinArcGIS tools handle common tasks for NEXRAD products.Level II/III
WangYuModify landcover types and rerun simulated TC landfall from Hurricane Nature Run 2WRF model, codes supplied by Dr. Nolan Univ. of MiamiWRF simulations for varying roughness lengths and moisture availability
YanGuoqianRainfall patterns and environmental conditions for TCs in the Southwest Indian OceanTRMM, reanalysis data1998-2015
ZhouYaoSpatial variation of tropical
cyclone precipitation over Eastern United States
Unified Precipitation Dataset1950-2011Python scripts to identify rainfall swath from daily rainfall data and measure areas and widths to either side of track
ZickStephanieBy examining water budgets in landfalling US tropical cyclones: 1) Determine the timing of interaction with landmass and/or mid-latitude regime, 2) Assess the evolution of the shape of TC moisture budget fields (including precipitation), and 3) Compare TCs landfalling in moist vs. dry continental air masses.North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR), HURDAT21998-2012Matlab, R, Shape Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Nonparametric statistics, Synoptic weather type classification