Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Researchers – Department of Geography

Welcome to the website dedicated to tropical cyclone research at the Department of Geography, University of Florida. Use the tabs above to explore our personnel, current projects, and achievements. We are working with multiple datasets over different spatial and temporal resolutions to understand more about tropical cyclone rainfall production. Our primary focus is the spatial analysis of radar reflectivity returns to characterize the storms themselves, and we are using Stage IV data as well as rain gauge data to ascertain actuall rainfall values. Reanalysis datasets are employed to better understand the environment around each storm. We are running simulations of hurricanes using the WRF model as well.

Our group meets once per month to provide updates on research progress, and Dr. Matyas meets individually with students weekly if requested. Each PhD student will have at least three refereed publications  by the time they graduate, which will then comprise their dissertation. We have access to advanced computing resources such as a dedicated data storage drive hosted by the Land Use and Environmental Change Institute, and long term replicated storage and priority access to data processing cores at the High Performance Computing Center.

In 2018, we will be presenting work at the AMS Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, AMS Hurricanes Conference, and Southeastern Division of the AAG Annual Meeting. If you will also be in attendance please drop us a line so we can meet in person! If you are a prospective Graduate student, contact Dr. Corene Matyas (matyas@ufl.edu) for more information about the graduate program.